School lunch ideas- My kids don’t like sandwiches

Is it just me or are the weeks going by way too fast? Those of you who have liked my facebook page know that this last week I’ve had sick kids, school productions and then, just as we are ready to go into the weekend with everyone better, I get sick. I am the worst sick person ever. Man flu aint got nothin’ on me.  So I was very pitiful Friday and Saturday, but by lunchtime Sunday I was (thankfully) feeling much better. Hubby did his best with the daily stuff that happens in a house, helped out with the kids and brought me tea and paracetamol. I didn’t say anything , as I really appreciated everything he did, but you know, there are some things that men just don’t see. When I dragged myself off the couch and into the kitchen, the benches hadn’t been wiped down and the sink was dirty. Thankfully with the help of olive leaf extract and propolis I’m feeling better, and hubby has been reminded of how much I do around here 😉

So, I haven’t done any baking to blog about, and you can see that my kids actually have a doughnut in their lunchboxes tomorrow. The wheat and sugar and coloured sprinkles type. Not something that I would normally put in. I know that many people have a 100% no junk policy, but my theory is, that as long as 80% of the time they eat good, homemade food, then, it’s ok to have these treats. Personally, I would not have chosen this at all, but it was left over from a lunch gathering, and was given to us to take home. I’ve balanced it out with a carrot, apple and a roll.

lunch baguette

I’m totally justifying the mini doughnut today because I’ve been sick and the rest of the lunchbox is healthy 😉

My kids really hate sandwiches. But if I put the same filling in a roll or a wrap they are happy. Go figure. Today I’ve used a baguette cut into portions.  I’ve filled the roll with lettuce, grated carrot, vintage cheddar and salami.

I only make sandwiches maybe once a week, if that. So, what are some other bread options instead of sliced bread?

*baguette cut into small portions, like I did today

*bread rolls- there are many options here, different shapes, different flours and different seeds. There are fantastic small dinner rolls which are great for smaller kids as it’s not as overwhelming as a large roll

*wraps- again, a lot of options here. You can use mountain bread, pita bread, gluten free wraps, tortillas. My gluten free tortilla recipe is a great quick and easy recipe and the tortillas freeze well. I’ve used them for toasties too!

*following on from the previous point: toasties. I make toasties for my kids and they eat them cold during the day. Initially I was put off by the idea, but let’s face it, when you make toasties at home, how often are they actually consumed warm? My kids are quite happy with toasties in their lunchboxes, and this is especially good if the bread isn’t quite fresh enough for sandwiches 🙂 Also, remember that you don’t have to use sandwich bread for toasties. I often use wraps.

*crackers, think salada, butter and vegemite. Now squeeeeeeze!

If you have a sandwich hater too, I hope these ideas have helped you!

UPDATE: If your child doesn’t like bread options at all, check out ‘my kids don’t like sandwiches part 2’ post for a list of other options 🙂

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6 thoughts on “School lunch ideas- My kids don’t like sandwiches

  1. I have a fruit hater but a capsicum nut. I figure.. WIN WIN
    PS You totally rock with the donut today. If my mum ever put a piece of dynamite like that in my lunchbox (pre-Coeliac of course) I’d be skipping for weeks. Sometimes a little bit of sugar is good for the soul 🙂

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