Hello *waves with one hand, uses the other to shield eyes from spotlight*
Thanks for dropping by my blog. This is a little bit about me…
I love being a SAHM, despite all the crappy days- and trust me, there are a few! I love cooking, and creating new recipes, although I hate the clean up! I generally cook wholefoods from scratch. I am on a mission to reduce our wheat and refined sugar intake as a family, but I will still be posting some recipes that use standard flour and sugar, as I do still use them occasionally.
Early this year I announced to my hubby that this was the year I would get organized. He smiled gently at me and told me that I announce that every January. I obviously had forgotten previous years… So this year IS the year to be organized! I am all about lists and schedules- schedules for cleaning, kids morning routines, homework routines, chore charts- you get the idea! I’ll be posting these on the blog, feel free to copy them and edit them to suit your own family.
I was born into a family of five girls, all very different (Strong) personalities, all a bit crazy in our own way (I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that, right?!). I met my amazing husband fifteen years ago and before long we were married. Thirteen years passed and we now have four beautiful kids. One boy, Master B (10yrs), followed by three girls Miss C (9yrs), Miss E (6yrs) and Miss O (20 months).

I constantly contradict myself – please don’t hold it against me! I love old movies, and adore Doris Day and Barbara Streisand. I often confuse Kevin Costner and Brue Willis, I have no idea why and I enjoy tacky action movies, like Die Hard (speaking of Bruce Willis…).
I look forward to ‘meeting’ you all and hearing your feedback 🙂
Have a wonderful day (or night!)

Marianne x


One thought on “About

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