My kids don’t like sandwiches part 2

Every day I get loads of people visiting my blog because they are searching for ideas for their kids who don’t like sandwiches. I wrote a previous post about this here, where I listed some ideas of sandwich free lunches, which my kids eat happily. My kids don’t like sandwiches (as in, two slices of bread with filling), but they are happy to have bread rolls, wraps etc. I feel a little bit bad though, because I imagine that many children who don’t like sandwiches, also don’t like rolls, wraps or other bread options. So today I thought I would list a few other ideas for those who needed some more ideas.

pizza school lunches
Firstly, this is what went into my kids lunch boxes today. I made margarita pizza, using some flat bread, tomato paste, some fresh crushed garlic and grated cheese. You could make your own pizza bases if you wanted, use pita bread or premade pizza bases. I have a container of chopped vegetables, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red and yellow capsicum and carrots. Also fruit, orange segments and strawberries. I also put in a piece of banana cake, which my mother in law had made and gave me some, but I completely forgot to put it in the photo. Kids have swimming again this week, so it’s a bigger lunchbox than usual.

So back to the sandwich free lunch list…Let’s put pizza as no. 1.

1. Pizza – you can obviously put whatever your child likes on the pizza.

2. Puff pastry scrolls – these are quick and easy, just defrost the pastry slightly, lay out whatever you want, deli meat and grated cheese, you could put Bolognese and cheese, salsa, tuna and cheese, vegemite and cheese – whatever your child likes. Of course you could make a bread dough and roll it out and do the same thing, but I find that by the time I get to lunch prep, I want something quick and easy. See a previous post here for a bit more of an explanation.

3. Savory muffins – obviously, again there is a lot of choice in recipes for this. You can find one of my recipes here

4. Get a good thermos flask. By getting a good insulated flask, you can send leftovers reheated – pasta, soups, rice and casserole dishes etc. My girls love these kids of lunches, but my son doesn’t like to sit still to eat, so this doesn’t work for him 😦

5. Similar to savory muffins is savory scones. Think cheesy scones. I don’t have a recipe for these, but I’m thinking to try one out over the coming weeks

6. Sausage rolls – homemade sausage rolls are great kids’ food. You can pack it with vegetables and when they are homemade, they usually taste lovely cold. Here is my chicken sausage roll recipe.

7. Of course, along with sausage rolls are party pies and pasties. Again, when they are homemade, they are still really nice cold, and can be loaded with vegetables. I will try to put up a good pastie and pie recipe soon.

8. meatballs/vegetable patties – Using mince meat and lots of veggies, meatballs with some vegetable sticks is a great finger food and lunchbox option. Here is my beef meatball recipe. Vegetable patties, with grated vegetables, some egg and a little bit of flour are yummy too, you could have a little container of sauce or dip to add to the lunch too.

9. Graze plates (or containers) -this is a really simple one that I resort to fairly often. Just lots of little bits in a container. Things I include (not everything at once though lol) are cut up pita bread, cut vegetable sticks, cheese cubes, cabana (our butcher make their own, so much nicer than the standard supermarket one!), cold sausages cut into pieces, meatballs, falafels, deli meats, dips (here is my quick and easy tzitziki recipe).

10. Cheat’s quiche – I haven’t written a post about this, but all you do is take a slice of bread, cut off the crusts and use them for bread crumbs later. Squash the bread so that it is very thin and put in a muffin tin. In a bowl, beat a couple of eggs, any veg or meat you want to include and a little bit of milk. Pour into your bread molds. Sprinkle with a little bit of cheese and bake until the egg has set. These are really great for lunchboxes or picnics 🙂

If you are unsure if your kids will eat any of these for lunches, try giving it to them on the weekend, or for an afterschool snack. If they are enjoying it, ask them if this is something they would like to take to school.  I hope this helps! If you can think of anything I’ve left off, please comment below so that future readers can see other ideas too 🙂 Thanks xx


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