This week’s meal plan

This last week has, as always, been busy. Too busy for my liking! I want to start focusing a bit more on the kids with some scheduled family time that we all desperately need. So often, on a Saturday afternoon (the only time of the week, we are all home without other commitments), we are home, relaxing together, but I look around and see the house in a mess, and then start cleaning up instead of enjoying my family. To change this, I need to get a bit more organised during the week with my cleaning schedule. I’ve already started some serious decluttering and that is making a huge difference!  So the aim this week is to finish ‘decluttering’ the living areas and then move on to the dreaded laundry (our dumping room).

Today, Melbourne saw some late winter sun which was glorious. It re-energised the kids (perhaps a bit too much!!) and certainly re-energised me. On to the meal plan…

Monday: Tonight we ate pork ribs. Mmmmmm, pork ribs…

I roasted them in a sticky sauce. I’m going to be honest, this is probably one of the worst things I cook. Firstly, lay your ribs (can be a rack or spare ribs) in a baking tray. Finely dice some onion, and add it to the pan. Pour over the ribs some worcesteshire sauce and some tomato sauce. If I have bbq sauce, I’ll add that too. Like I said, it isn’t very healthy… Smoosh it around on the meat and grill it until the sauce caramelises.  My kids go nuts for these ribs. You could easily make a healthier dressing by using a honey, soy sauce dressing. But I didn’t. Oh well 😉

I served our pork tonight with lots of steamed veg (broccoli, beans and brussel sprouts). Also a red cabbage salad and boiled potatoes (which no one ate).

Tuesday:  Souvlaki! I haven’t made souvlakis in a long time! Pita bread, lettuce, tomato, sliced onion (kids won’t eat onion though), tzatziki, meat. I think I’ll use chicken as the meat and just grill it with a lemon, oregano, garlic and salt marinade. As I am avoiding carbs atm (yes, I know how much sugar was in tonight’s dinner!), I will make my souvlaki into a salad instead 🙂

Tzatziki is easily made at home by using greek yoghurt, add crushed garlic (to taste), grate some cucumber, squeeze out the liquid and add it to the yoghurt.  You can also add a squeeze of lemon, however, the greek yoghurt I buy (from Aldi), has a lovely tartness to it, so I don’t bother.

Wednesday:  Greek style baked beans – fasolatha. My husband loathes these, so I only get to cook them maybe 2-3 times a year. On those nights he is told to eat it or make toast. I grew up eating these, and I want my kids to eat them! Every family has their own variation of this dish. It is a healthy, hearty, cheap meal. The first time I ate baked beans from a tin I was around 12years old. My parents were out and my oldest sister was cooking dinner. She opened a tin of them (I’m assuming she went to the shop and bought them as mum wouldn’t have had them in the house!) warmed them up and served it. I assumed it was a tinned version of our homemade dish. I was wrong. It was the first and last time I ate tinned baked beans!

If you have never made them from scratch, do yourself a favour and try it! If you don’t have time to pre-soak your beans, use tinned cannelini beans instead. These also freeze really well. The recipe I am linking HERE is very similar to our family recipe. Once you’ve made it, you will find your own way to adjust it to your own tastes 🙂

Thursday: As I am often out of the house for the day on Thursday, I try to utilise my slow cooker. I have  a large silverside roast that I will be slow cooking with some red wine and vegetables.  The recipe HERE is pretty much how I will make mine, however I don’t add sugar at all, and will add in extra veggies. I will serve this with steamed cauliflower for myself, and rice for the kids/hubby.

Friday: Miss C is off to camp this week, and returning Friday. As is tradition in our house, she will choose her ‘home coming’ meal. She has chosen spaghetti and meatballs. I make a fairly standard napoli sauce for the base. I use a large heavy based deep frypan to heat some olive oil. I add chopped onion and saute until translucent, then I add a couple of cloves of crushed garlic. Add a bottle of tomato puree (or you could use tinned crushed tomatoes). Season with salt, pepper, and fresh herbs. I add a little bit of water and then reduce it a little bit. Add in the meatballs.

For the meatballs, I sometimes use a mixture of meats (pork and veal), other times I use straight beef mince. Depends on my mood and what I have on hand. I keep my meatballs very simple. I grate some carrot and onion into the mixture, season well and use my hands to combine the mixture. I prefer small meatballs, and drop these carefully into the sauce. Once the meatballs are all in, I don’t use a spoon to stir the sauce, rather, I shake the pan to swirl the meatballs around in the sauce. Whenever I use a spoon, they just fall apart and resemble bolognese sauce instead of meatballs!

As always, dinners will be served with salads and/or steamed veggies 🙂

What are you cooking this week?





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