Roast garlic and white bean soup

I made a delicious soup tonight that I wanted to share with you.


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Hearty vegetable soup

We are nearing the end of winter here in Australia, but it is still so cold and windy, especially in Melbourne! I really needed some comfort food. Something I could dip my crusty bread into. Something that had taste and texture. What else could I do but a hearty vegetable soup. Don’t let this humble soup fool you. It may not be a simple ‘throw all your veggies into a pot with water’ soup. But it’s not difficult. Trust me. Follow the steps and this will become a family favourite for you too! My photos, as always, don’t do it justice. Even hubby ate it happily – and for those of you who know him, that’s a big deal. This is a chunky, hearty soup. I imagine it would be lovely with a ham hock stock/meat in it too, but I wanted something vegetarian, so obviously didn’t use it. Also, for the kids, I pureed it, that way no one was picking anything out of the soup or complaining. They all ate it happily, so that’s a bonus too!

veg soup

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Just another manic monday…

tawny scrawny lionm

The Bangles weren’t kidding when they said Monday’s are manic! On Monday, I try to get on top of things so that the rest of the week runs smoothly. I do my grocery shopping and then plan my meals around what was on special and fresh. We are off to my sister’s house for dinner tonight for my nephew (and Godson) birthday, so while I don’t need to cook dinner, it’s always handy having soup in the fridge for lunch and after school snacks, served with cheesy toast. Today, the soup of the day is carrot soup < >