Is that your only child?

I had my first child a few weeks before my 23rd birthday. Yes it was sort of planned, yes I was married, and yes I was happy.

At the age of 33, I have 4 children, when many women may have one or two. That is in no way a judgement FYI… I love the fact that often I am out at the shops or wherever and people stop to smile at Miss O who is incredibly cute (totally unbiased) and ask me how old she is, and is she your first. I pause…no, she isn’t. Then they look at me curiously, oh, do you have another daughter or son? I have a son and two other daughters, I have four children.

Love it.

Their expressions are priceless. Oh, you’ve been busy!

Yes, I have.

I met hubby young, and we had some family and friends who at that time had had trouble trying to conceive, so we thought, what the heck (as you do in your 20’s) let’s not worry about prevention. Next month, there were two blue lines. < Continue reading