Little changes to make a big difference

When I originally started this blog, my intention was for it to not just be about food. I wanted to talk about my day to day life, and how I organize myself, my four kids and hubby, share my experiences, and in doing so, possibly help other parents who are struggling to keep it together.  Over time, I realized that I really wasn’t organized enough to share any of what I did in my day! I found myself, once kids went to bed, doing an entire day’s cleaning and sorting, even though I had been cleaning and sorting all day. Does that make sense?

vintage nilfisk ad

I love a good vintage ad!

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Are your children too busy?

Some of you may have read my ranty post last night about the junior school social.

It got me thinking about our kids. This week they had a market day at school and while Miss C and Miss E loaded up on junk, Master B bought himself a rubber snake. From around 18months, Master B loved animals. I thought it was so cute that he chose to spend his money on a toy snake, Continue reading