This week’s meal plan

This last week has, as always, been busy. Too busy for my liking! I want to start focusing a bit more on the kids with some scheduled family time that we all desperately need. So often, on a Saturday afternoon (the only time of the week, we are all home without other commitments), we are home, relaxing together, but I look around and see the house in a mess, and then start cleaning up instead of enjoying my family. To change this, I need to get a bit more organised during the week with my cleaning schedule. I’ve already started some serious decluttering and that is making a huge difference!  So the aim this week is to finish ‘decluttering’ the living areas and then move on to the dreaded laundry (our dumping room).

Today, Melbourne saw some late winter sun which was glorious. It re-energised the kids (perhaps a bit too much!!) and certainly re-energised me. On to the meal plan…

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Meal Plan – nearly school holidays!

It’s nearly school holidays, and I’ve got to say that we are really starting to slacken off around here. Last week, thanks to the kids getting all their homework done early, they were allowed to watch a movie during the week (a rare treat during the school term!). So this week is a fairly easy meal plan, I’m still cooking fish a couple of times (still trying to keep up the omegas – whichever one is in fish!), and things like pizza and pasta bakes feature there too! Easy peasy 🙂

Monday: Bolognese pasta bake. This weekend I pulled some vegeful bolognese sauce out of the freezer, but didn’t  use it, so it will be featuring in Monday’s dinner. When you cook your pasta sauce next time, cook a bit extra and pop it into the freezer for weeks when you can’t be bothered. I fill mine with veggies, and the kids are none the wiser. I use it for toasties too. When it’s been frozen and defrosted, I often find it isn’t quite as good as freshly cooked (I’m fussy though 😉  ), so using it in a pasta bake is a great way to refresh it. Just stir it through the pasta (we will be using spelt pasta, still trying to reduce our wheat intake), add a bit of pasatta (pureed tomato sauce) if it seems dry, stir though some grated cheese and top with a generous amount too. You could crumble in feta, ricotta or cottage cheese too. Of course there’s heaps of variations to this recipe depending on what you have on hand. Serve with a large garden salad.

Tuesday: Prawns. I’m thinking to keep it simple, stir fried with a marinade of, grated ginger, grated garlic, lime, soy sauce, chilli sauce and a little bit of honey. Add to it a handful of chopped herbs (parsley or coriander would be lovely), and serve with steamed rice and  steamed vegetables.

Wednesday: Chickpea soup. Again, there’s no recipe link for this. A simple soup that I make, all I do it saute chopped onion, garlic, carrot, zucchini, celery and potato in a little bit of olive oil. Add in a couple of tins of chickpeas (drained and rinsed), water and some stock (I use vegetable stock) and let it simmer away until the veggies are cooked through. Take a couple of ladles of soup into a jug and using a stick blender puree until smooth. Add this back into the pot and stir to combine.

Thursday: Slow cooker chicken casserole.  I’m not entirely sure this will be the recipe I go with, but the basic idea is lots of tomato, onion, garlic, veggies like zucchini, carrot and celery (basic staples in this house), white wine, and slow cooked. It will be simple, served with crusty bread, olives and salad. I may even use fish pieces instead of chicken, just for something different.

Friday: Last day of term, so we will be celebrating with homemade spelt pizzas. Simple and delicious! Just top with your favourites, here we love margherita and pepperoni 🙂

It’s a simple menu plan this week with lots of comfort food that is quick and easy to prepare. What is on your menu plan this week?

Fried rice and how to cook salmon perfectly

It was father’s day here on Sunday. I was woken when I heard the kids rustling about, getting their hidden gifts out, and discussing if it was still too early to wake us up or not. I love fathers and mothers day. I love seeing what the kids choose to spend their money on and they are always so proud of what they have chosen.

As well as bought gifts, they always have cards and craft as well.

My son bought a medal that said ‘Australia’s no. 1 DAD’. He was so proud of his gift. He said, ‘it’s a real gold medal, it cost me $5 but it was worth it!’. My son is nearly 11 years old, but in that moment, he seemed like a 5 year old boy. No attitude, just love and pride for his dad. It also reminded me of those Peppa Pig episodes when they go to Mr Fox’s shop to buy something and Mr Fox says it’s real gold plastic! lol.

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