Little changes to make a big difference

When I originally started this blog, my intention was for it to not just be about food. I wanted to talk about my day to day life, and how I organize myself, my four kids and hubby, share my experiences, and in doing so, possibly help other parents who are struggling to keep it together.  Over time, I realized that I really wasn’t organized enough to share any of what I did in my day! I found myself, once kids went to bed, doing an entire day’s cleaning and sorting, even though I had been cleaning and sorting all day. Does that make sense?

vintage nilfisk ad

I love a good vintage ad!

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A saucy post today…


Tomato Sauce (ketchup) and Hot Chili Sauce, and a few tips for bottling…

My kids drown everything I make in tomato sauce (ketchup). I make awesome roast potatoes, seriously, they are fantastic, and what is the first thing that happens to them? Tomato sauce. Argh! Continue reading

Mummy survival guide

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve had extra kids here today, and although the older kids were really good, Miss O was traumatizing her little friend, who spent much of the time crying to go home. Poor poppet! I felt terrible that my baby was being a big bully. I kept trying to separate them, but as always, what one has, the other wants. Finally, I resorted to TV for Miss O and gave her friend some toys to play with near me so that I could keep an eye on her. That’s survival tip 1. Resort to TV when necessary. I can see some parents throwing their hands in the air, shouting at me, no! But you know what, if Peppa Pig helps me and my sanity stay together, then Peppa Pig is my friend. Continue reading

Socceroos Win and I baked Chocolate Chia brownies

Like most of Australia, I sat on the edge of my seat watching the World Cup qualifiers as they scored goal after goal after goal after goal. Fricking awesome job Soceroos!! One more game to win and we are in the 2014 World Cup!!

I’m at that point of the household food cycle where I’m literally out of everything fresh. I was down to my last zucchini, last couple of carrots – you get the idea! I still managed to throw together a scrumptious chicken and veg soup, followed by a quick and easy chocolate brownie that I’ll be using for school lunch boxes. Continue reading

Is that your only child?

I had my first child a few weeks before my 23rd birthday. Yes it was sort of planned, yes I was married, and yes I was happy.

At the age of 33, I have 4 children, when many women may have one or two. That is in no way a judgement FYI… I love the fact that often I am out at the shops or wherever and people stop to smile at Miss O who is incredibly cute (totally unbiased) and ask me how old she is, and is she your first. I pause…no, she isn’t. Then they look at me curiously, oh, do you have another daughter or son? I have a son and two other daughters, I have four children.

Love it.

Their expressions are priceless. Oh, you’ve been busy!

Yes, I have.

I met hubby young, and we had some family and friends who at that time had had trouble trying to conceive, so we thought, what the heck (as you do in your 20’s) let’s not worry about prevention. Next month, there were two blue lines. < Continue reading

Frantic cleaning, orange cake and Gatsby

If you read my post yesterday you will know that last night I had a night out with my sister. We went to the movies to see Gatsby. It was a fantastic movie, I adore Leonardo Dicaprio, and he certainly didn’t disappoint, either did spider man (what’s that actor’s name again?). Although it was great to get out of the house for a bit, and not worry about organising a baby sitter, it was a late night and I just didn’t have the time or energy to make lunches last night, or to do the proper pre bed pick up. Continue reading