Gluten free tortilla recipe nom nom!

You know when  you have left dinner to the last minute, everyone is hungry, and you’re wondering what to put together for a meal? My fall back meal is wraps. I always have pita bread in the freezer, and will cut a heap of salad veg up, grate some cheese, pull out some deli meats, or leftover meat from a previous dinner, grate some cheese or open a tin of tuna – you get the idea. When we decided to try gluten free for hubby, I started struggling, as I realized just how often I was making it. I think probably once a week I made wraps of some form. I have looked at buying gluten free wraps, but the ingredient list was a little bit long for my liking, and I didn’t want to eat numbers just because we weren’t eating gluten. Continue reading

Nearly 100 favourite Family-friendly Movies

Cover of "Kung Fu Panda  (Widescreen Edit...

Cover of Kung Fu Panda (Widescreen Edition)

Most Friday nights, we have a family movie night.  It’s end of the week, everyone is tired, so it’s early, easy dinner and then plonk down for the night to enjoy some chilled out entertainment. There are a few rules that we apply though. Firstly, it has to be something suitable for everyone (sometimes Master B wants to watch something a bit more ‘grown up’, but that is reserved for other times), and secondly it has to be something without gore, swearing etc, in other words, family friendly!  I have scoured the shelves at video stores to find old treasures from my childhood that the kids might like, some are great, some are a bit of a surprise, and completely unsuitable. Where was the parental supervision in the 80’s?! >

Sausage rolls and carrot cake

I’ve noticed lately that my kids seem to be given a lot of lollies and chocolates at school. They won table points, here’s a lollipop. It’s someone’s birthday, here’s a freddo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely opposed to sugar, I just try to limit how much my kids eat it, and also, make sure that if they are having treats, that they are perhaps home cooked cake or a reasonable quality chocolate. Yesterday my kids had a market day at school, and although I asked them not to buy too much junk food, of course, they loaded up on toffees, smarties, mixed lollies and cakes. I probably would have done the same at their age. >