You can call me Mama Cranky Pants

Today I am very tired. I was all excited last night about using my brain for things other than meal planning and household budgeting. If you read yesterday’s post you will know that as a family we will be moving to a more paleo diet, due to hubby’s psoriasis. So I was researching what we could (but came up with lots of couldn’t) eat until well past midnight. Big mistake number 1, especially when Miss O started crying not long after I fell asleep.


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Our food really does determine our health

As some of you may know, I have been trying to reduce my family’s wheat and refined sugar intake. I try as much as possible to cook from scratch with little processed food in our diets.

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How to live on a tight budget

A few years ago, hubby and I were in a very tight financial situation. It was a temporary situation, which lasted about 4 years.  I was so stressed trying to balance bills, food costs and kids activities. Thankfully those times are behind us, but even so, with 4 kids and one wage, we are still unable to purchase big ticket items without planning and saving, and if an unexpected expense comes up, we have to start saving all over again. Continue reading