Keeping it real today

Today is when I normally do a what’s cooking Thursday post, on Thursday’s obviously. Today, I just couldn’t think about what to cook that would be good to eat on Saturday. I just really could not be bothered.

Over the last few weeks, everything has felt like hard work. The housework has been on a to do list for a while, and the laundry was out of control. Yesterday I got my mojo on and managed to get the house clean, some laundry done (but not put away – I hate laundry and never seem to achieve the whole sort, wash, dry, fold AND put away process). So today, I just want to sit on my butt and do nothing. *Gasp*, yes I really did just say that as a SAHM I really want to sit on my butt. >

Are your children too busy?

Some of you may have read my ranty post last night about the junior school social.

It got me thinking about our kids. This week they had a market day at school and while Miss C and Miss E loaded up on junk, Master B bought himself a rubber snake. From around 18months, Master B loved animals. I thought it was so cute that he chose to spend his money on a toy snake, Continue reading