A bit of this and a bit of that, gluten free bits and bobs

This week has been a hard week. I’ve been feeling really drained and frustrated by my kids. This pretty much sums up my week…

mother going crazy

I’m not going to whine about my kids though. Instead I’m going to talk a bit about food I’ve been cooking… Continue reading

What’s cooking Thursday?

Things have been quiet on the blog this week, thanks to sleepless nights and grizzly children, which lead to an inability to write anything comprehendible. But today is Thursday, and it’s time t think about what I am cooking tonight. Usually I try to cook something that will also serve as leftovers for Saturday lunch. This weekend however, is full of birthday parties, so Saturday lunch and dinner are taken care of. Woot woot!

Last night, I had a bit of a disaster in the kitchen. Hubby texted me late afternoon to say that he didn’t get time to stop for lunch, he was starving, and what was for dinner? My response was, brown rice arancini balls with roast veg and guacamole (plus we always make a salad). He replied, nice. Great, so I was happy that he wasn’t put off with the idea of dinner, I hadn’t really prepped it yet because I had run out of brown rice, so had to wait for Miss O to wake before I could pop up to the supermarket and grab some. >

Lovely, lazy, long weekend and a natural deodoriser

It was the long weekend here in Melbourne, Australia, thanks to the Queen’s birthday. For the first time in probably three months we actually had nothing planned. No kids sports, no birthday parties, no special celebrations. Nothing, nada, niente. What a luxury!

So, it was a pancake breakfast (made with almond meal and eggs – I don’t think I was hungry for the rest of the day!), relaxing morning, kids played on the trampoline, then played scrabble and I pottered around the house. We decided to take the kids to the movies to see Epic, which reminded me a bit of Avatar. The kids loved it and so did we. Of course I spent most of the time chasing Miss O up and down the stairs, which she thought was great fun! Continue reading