You can call me Mama Cranky Pants

Today I am very tired. I was all excited last night about using my brain for things other than meal planning and household budgeting. If you read yesterday’s post you will know that as a family we will be moving to a more paleo diet, due to hubby’s psoriasis. So I was researching what we could (but came up with lots of couldn’t) eat until well past midnight. Big mistake number 1, especially when Miss O started crying not long after I fell asleep.


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OOIAJ or Bircher Muesli or whatever you choose to call it

Juice free Bircher muesli aka overnight oats 😉

Recently hubby and I were lucky enough to go to perth CHILD FREE for two nights, for my cousin’s wedding. We had buffet breakfast at the hotel, and whilst most of it was average, they had beautiful Bircher muesli. Hubby loved it, so I thought I’d make some at home. Google Bircher muesli and hundreds of recipes pop up. Bircher muesli is made by soaking oats in juice and yoghurt. Problem is, I don’t buy juice. Occasionally, for special occasions I’ll get the premium stuff (which is expensive), so unless you are going to juice stuff yourself, there isn’t a whole lot of nutrition in it- just lots of sugar! So google to the rescue again for Bircher muesli WITHOUT juice and there it is folks – OOIAJ (overnight oats in a jar). I have made this plenty of times, just never realized it was so similar to Continue reading