Why I’m excited about labelling

I love stationery. I love paper, pens, notebooks and stamps. I get excited at back to school stationery sales, I really do. But – yes, there is a but- I HATE naming the kids school books and stationery. I have three kids at school. That’s all their individual pencils, textbooks, notebooks and folders. Add on to that, their lunch boxes, school uniforms, socks and shoes (yes, it IS possible for your children to lose these at school!!). Oh and I will add that we have 11 letters in our family name.  I have tried stickers in the past, but they run out. I have printed off labels on the computer, but that’s just annoying. The last couple of years, we have bought a couple of permanent markers and labelled everything this way. Remember the 11 letters? 3 kids? Multiple packets of pencils, pens, textas etc?

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