This week’s meal plan is fishy business

We don’t eat enough fish. We try, but realistically, I probably only cook it once a fortnight, if that. Part of the issue is buying fresh fish locally to me is difficult, and expensive, so we tend to avoid it, but with good planning, I’m hoping to be able to pull off two weeks of fish based meals.

I’ve had a couple of questions about the meal planning, so I wanted to answer a few here today. Firstly, yes, my kids eat what we eat. Years ago, when the kids were younger I made separate meals for them or we ate mushy food (their ages now are 11, 10, 7 and 2). One day, I got over that, so they now eat the same thing. We might add a bit of chilli sauce to our serve, but that’s pretty much it. If they don’t like everything I have cooked, we compromise on which part of the meal they can leave out, but generally the protein and vegetables are non-negotiable.

Secondly, I link to recipes that mostly aren’t mine, and I don’t ever really follow them exactly, but generally the flavours are what I want and I just make up my own version of this. I could blog my recipes, but my photos are terrible and I generally don’t measure to give you a proper recipe 😉 Also, to find the link to the recipe, click on the blue writing.

Before I go on, I want to apologise for a post you would have received in your inbox that I deleted. It was a birthday calendar printable, but unfortunately, I have had trouble with the file, so until it is fixed, I’ve taken the post down. Now, on to the meal plan.

Monday: Grilled teriyaki salmon with crispy gingery cabbage salad I am thinking that I may even make sushi rolls for Tuesday lunch with leftovers (if there’s any!)

Tuesday: Spaghetti seafood marinara The linked recipe is very similar to how I make mine, however, I use only mussels when I make mine. Mussels are really economical and are a great source of protein when you aren’t eating meat. They are incredibly high in vit B12. For more nutritional information, check out this website.  This will be served with a garden salad.

Wednesday: Fish burgers with side serve of steamed broccoli

Thursday: Paleo Pad Thai, using cabbage as noodles (plus will likely cook up some pad thai vermicelli noodles for the family) and also substituting prawns for chicken

Friday: Salt and pepper squid served with a side of roast vegetable ‘chips’ (white potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, parsnips, pumpkin and carrots)


A few extra notes~ I’ll probably buy most of the fish tomorrow (Monday) for the entire week. I’ll buy the freshest salmon I can find either from our local fish shop or supermarket. I’ll also buy the mussels which will easily last the extra day. When I buy the squid or calamari, if it’s fresh, I’ll freeze it, otherwise, I’ll ask if they have any frozen still, not defrosted, and this will go straight into the freezer when I get home. The white fish for the burgers will actually be from aldi. In the freezer section the have New Zealand hoki fillets, skin on for around $10/kg. This is perfect for grilling or pan frying. So, it’s really just the prawns I’ll need to buy separately to make sure they’re fresh.

Mmmmm nom-nom! I’m now very hungry! Do you eat enough fish or do you struggle to include fish and seafood into your diet?


4 thoughts on “This week’s meal plan is fishy business

  1. That’s a lot of fish !! Don’t eat a lot. Hubby doesn’t like, but kids and I love it when he’s away ! (That is like eating fish, don’t enjoy daddy travelling though !)

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