3 minute crackers – gf, vegan

I know I have been absent a lot lately, I have just been soaking up life. Its good times and its crappy times.

Miss 2 is at that stage where everything she does is hilarious and cute, and I just want to enjoy it. Having said that, the last few months have also been very trying as my older two are now pre-teen, and we have entered the attitude era. Any energy I have left at the end of the day is spent hauling my butt into bed and staring blankly at a screen of some sort. Sad, I know.

Cooking makes me happy though. So I’ve been cooking heaps of different things lately, and so many things I want to share with you over the coming weeks!

I love crackers. I could eat an entire packet of them in a sitting, which is the reason why I have always wanted to make my own. It just seemed like I was taking things to a whole new level though. Making my own crackers? Really? Now that I have made them once though, I have realised how quick and easy they are. Well worth making a few batches at a time so that you have them on hand when you want something tasty and crunchy 🙂

The original recipe comes from Oh She Glows . She has fantastic step by step photos, so it is well worth clicking through to her page. I varied the recipe according to what I had on hand and made it nut free, as my kids cleaned out my almond stash (have I mentioned it’s school holidays here atm? Read that as: my kids are eating me out of house and home!). It literally took 3 minutes to throw everything into a bowl, mix, roll out and put into the oven to bake.


Super simple 3 minute crackers 


1 cup total rice flour (I used half brown rice flour and half wild rice flour that I had milled in my food processor on another occassion. You could just use the brown rice flour if that’s what you have on hand or use the almond flour as suggested in the original recipe)

2 tbs flax seed meal

2 tbs nutritional yeast (I think you could substitute parmesan cheese if you prefer, butI haven’t tried it myself)

1 clove of crushed garlic

1 tbs dried rosemary

4 tbs sesame seeds (I used 2 tbs white and 2 tbs black sesame seeds)

4 tbs olive oil (i didn’t actually measure this, I just glugged  some in)

1/4 cup water


Note: I was very approximate with my measurements. The dark colour of my crackers is due to the wild rice flour and black sesame seeds. The colour will obviously be different if you use only brown rice flour and white sesame seeds. 🙂


Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix until all ingredients are combined well.

Tip onto a sheet of baking paper and roll flat, approx 3mm thick. I didn’t measure this, I just rolled it to the thickness I wanted.

Before baking, sprinkle salt over the crackers to your liking. I like salty crackers, so was quite generous at this step 🙂

Using a sharp knife, cute into small cracker sized squares. Bake in a moderate oven (180’C) for approx 18 minutes. Keeping an eye on them towards the end so as not to burn them.

I flipped the tray for the last few minutes to make sure they were super crispy, but you could easily skip this step.

WARNING: Eating them straight out of the oven will result in hot sesame seeds burning your tongue. I may or may not have experience in this! 😉



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