Reindeer faces

It’s Christmas party time, and these little faces are the perfect treat to take along. It has become a family tradition to make these  Christmas eve, and my kids love them.

There are two variations of these cute reindeer faces. Here’s the first…

reindeer press

Start with some chocolate ripple biscuits. Put these on a tray and pop them in an oven until they soften slightly. Once they are soft, put them in the palm of your hand and push into the center gently, to create a slight indent in the biscuit.

reindeer 1

Dollop a spoon of caramel fill, and decorate with:

-broken pretzels for the antlers

-mini chocolate chips (or raisins) for the eyes

-raspberry lolly, Jaffa lolly, fresh raspberry or strawberry for the nose

The second variation, is to make a healthy cupcake (check out these listed on natural new age mum’s website, or use your family favourite), you could do whatever flavor you want. Cover with whichever frosting you like. I made a standard chocolate butter icing (cocoa, icing sugar, butter and some hot water), but you could easily make a vanilla frosting if you prefer. Decorate as above.

reindeer 2

Once again, sorry for my dodgy photos :/

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy year in 2014!!

Marianne xx

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