Teacher gift ideas

At this time, every year, I go in to a panic. What do I give as a thank you to my children’s teachers? I’ve done mugs, I’ve done chocolates, I’ve done homemade. This year, I asked teachers to answer this question on my facebook page recently, and this blog post is a summary of answers from the page, as well as messages that were sent and answers from friends who are teachers. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

1. Homemade treats in a jar. These are a lovely idea, that shows you put time and effort into their gift. There are plenty of ideas on pinterest, and here are a few that I liked:

rocky road, biscotti, cookie/blondie jars, chocolate or caramel saucejam, you could even just put a nice pack of chocolates into a jar (or give a box of chocolates 😉 ). Although it is summer here in Australia, on the other side of the world, things like soup in a jar could work too.

One of the teachers who commented said she was also given a coffee voucher to a local cafe, which I thought was a lovely little addition to a gift like these.

2. Tree decorations. I had quite a few people suggest this, and I thought it was a really lovely idea. You can buy  some really gorgeous decorations for under $10, you could even get your child’s name painted onto it (or do it yourself) if you were so inclined.  I thought this was a nice idea for the male teachers too (why are they so much harder to buy for?!).

 168358330_168360040_th_1  {image source} 

3. Jewellery. You can get some really great pieces of costume jewellery for under $20, and even under $10 if you look around. Think things like bangles, beads, dress rings/earrings

4. Something to drink. Tea: This could include a nice pack of tea bags, or loose leaf tea – you could even make your own tea blend.  Coffee: What about some freshly roasted coffee beans? Coffee drinkers always appreciate some good beans 🙂  If the teacher is not a tea or coffee drinker, try a hot chocolate mix (cocoa and sugar) with a little packet of marshmallows. You could combine any of these with something from point 1.

Homemade baileys was another suggestion from facebook.  I was thinking to give a bottle of wine, but I did have a few teachers comment that they don’t drink, so it would be wasted on them. This is something you may want to check before giving alcohol 🙂

5. Something pampering. Body shop-type items. This doesn’t need to be just for the women, there are plenty of male ‘beauty products’ out there too! If you were so inclined you could make your own body lotion or lip balm. There are heaps of thermomix recipes if you look too. Otherwise, essential oils are always lovely, and have many uses, so they are rarely wasted 🙂

6.  Gift cards. Some years as a class, we have pooled our money and bought vouchers for things like local restaurants or cafes, gold class cinema tickets, massage/day spa vouchers. I liked the idea of a local cafe voucher if you weren’t pooling money 🙂

7.  Something edible and luxurious. Let’s face it, teachers don’t earn buckets of money, so something luxurious to say thank you is a nice idea. I’m not talking diamonds here, but think, local, organic, raw honey. Cheese plate with some premium cheese and quince paste. These types of things don’t need to cost loads, but they are always appreciated. Check out your local delicatessen for some edible gifts.

8. Something you can grow. I write this cautiously, as I kill anything I plant. But, many people don’t. Find out if they prefer flowers or vegetables,

you could buy/make a herb pot, or a lovely rose bush.

Herb Pots

Herb Pots (Photo credit: Andreas-photography)

9. When all else fails… one of the things that I heard over and over again, is that teachers always appreciate a nice note, telling them how much they were appreciated.  

What are you giving your teachers / child care workers for Christmas this year?

2 thoughts on “Teacher gift ideas

  1. As a teacher a thank you is always the best appreciated gift. A few years ago I taught a child that had gone through a very difficult year losing his mum through the year. The dad wrote me the nicest letter about they impact I’d had on his son and hence his whole family and I cried reading it. Touching others lives is the best part of the job and to hear it lets us know for sure. Oh and my second favourite thing is homemade baking!! 🙂

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