Gender specific marketing

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I know this may ruffle some feathers, but I’m going to put it out there. What is the big deal about gender specific marketing?

Yes, barbies are marketed towards girls. Did it stop me buying barbies for my son when he was younger? No.

Did it stop me buying matchbox car for my daughter? No.

Guess what? I even bought a toy kitchen that was blue, pink and yellow for all my kids to share. Even though it had a girl on the packaging. It’s ok people, we don’t need to freak out over this! Every year, leading up to Christmas, I start to see articles in my facebook newsfeed about how we should ban gender specific marketing. I’m just not sure what the big deal is. Is it because we are worried our children will be teased for playing with a non-gender-stereotypical toy? Do people think sexual preference may change because of the toys our kids play with? I highly doubt that.

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Maybe we should teach our children tolerance rather than worrying about everything just being gender neutral. I want to buy my daughters pink things. I want to buy my son footballs. But I also encourage them to share their toys with each other and whoever comes to visit.  I want my daughters to be feminine when they are older (much older lol). I want my son to be masculine when he is older too. I want them all to be strong, emotionally and physically. I want them all to be sensitive and caring. I want them all to know how to wrestle but also show self control. I want them all to take pride in their appearance, but also to know that appearance is not what is important in life. I want them all to dance and sing when they hear a great song.

So, let’s raise our pink tea cups to the future health of our children, and stop stressing out over every.little.thing. 🙂

How do you feel about gender specific marking?

Marianne xxx

3 thoughts on “Gender specific marketing

  1. Here, here. I totally agree. I get duck of hearing the nature vs nurture debate. Let kids be kids and enjoy what they are interested in, not what adults think they should be interested in. As a kid, I loved my barbies and rag doll just as much as climbing in trees and building cubby houses and making mud pies !!

  2. Consider if you didn’t have 2 different gendered children. Would you have purchased your son a little kitchen? And maybe you would have answered yes, but most would not.

    My feathers are not ruffled, but my little girls are every time she wants to add to her lego collection she has to go to the “boys section”. Not cool.

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