Preparing for school holidays

It’s the last day of term today. As a parent, a thousand thoughts come to mind. Here are a few…
1. Yayee – no more school lunches to prepare the night before. Kids will eat leftovers, eggs, smoothies or whatever is on hand
2. I’m going to be broke by the end of the holidays, because every time you leave the house with 4 kids, it costs a tonne of money

3. I love that the kids enjoy each other’s company and do find games that they can play all together. Not just board games or card games, but imaginative play. As ‘grown up’ as they like to think they are, they are still my babies.
4. The kids are going to fight at least once a day
5. I will get to sleep in
6. While I sleep in, the kids will either destroy the house, or be watching tv. Not sure which one I prefer
7. I don’t want to take the kids to see the new smurf movie, because I am sick of the modernization of these great ‘innocent’ cartoons.
8. I know I will end up seeing the new smurf movie.
9. By the time the next term starts, I will be excited to send them back to school (in summer uniform!)
10. By the time the next term starts, I will be looking forward to summer holidays 🙂

I could go on and on, but I won’t 😉

What have you got planned for these holidays?

6 thoughts on “Preparing for school holidays

  1. Yeh!!!! At least my son is in high school so he can entertain himself during the holidays but I do miss going to all the kids’ movies. The no lunch boxes for two weeks is a real bonus. I think we have driving practice on the agenda which should be “fun”.

  2. Love your thought process Marianne! Definitely looking forward to the lazy mornings and slowing down. I love watching the kids play together but not looking forward to their squabbles. In fact they are having one right this minute! *sigh*

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