Little changes to make a big difference

When I originally started this blog, my intention was for it to not just be about food. I wanted to talk about my day to day life, and how I organize myself, my four kids and hubby, share my experiences, and in doing so, possibly help other parents who are struggling to keep it together.  Over time, I realized that I really wasn’t organized enough to share any of what I did in my day! I found myself, once kids went to bed, doing an entire day’s cleaning and sorting, even though I had been cleaning and sorting all day. Does that make sense?

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Over the last couple of months, I have started a little business with my sister, which has meant that I’ve had no choice but to clean up my act and get some procedures in place. Here are a few little changes I have made to make sure I stay on top of things, and also to make my life easier.

1. I have gone back to meal planning. I was an avid meal planner for a long time. Then all of a sudden I lost interest, I found it difficult to predict what I would want to eat a week or two in advance. But now, I meal plan on a Friday night. I am a bit old school, in that I am still using pen and paper. I write down the meal, but also the ingredients I intend to use, and any extras I will serve with the meal.

2. I do my grocery shopping on a Saturday, after morning sports. This way I don’t have to take any kids with me (usually). Not only does this mean that I can concentrate on what I’m doing, but it’s also my time to wander around the shops for a bit, and just get a break from the kids. It also gives hubby some time alone with the kids, which is good for both the kids and him.

3. By grocery shopping on the Saturday, it means I don’t have to stop past my local supermarket to grab a few things (which then ends up being $100!) on sunday just so that I can put lunches together.

4. Monday is strictly a house work day. I mean, I sometimes don’t answer the phone just so that I can get everything done. I try to get the house as spotless as possible on a Monday so that the rest of the week it’s just general tidy ups. I also prep a couple of days worth of meals, I’ll wash lettuce, shred cabbage, grate carrots, chop onions, that kind of thing, so that over the next few nights, I can grab the stuff out and put a meal together really quickly, It also helps me with kids lunches, as everything is washed and ready to put into a sandwich or wrap.

5. Laundry, which has always been the bane of my existence, is getting easier. I aim (not always successfully!) to wash a load everyday, and put a load away everyday.

6. I ask more from the people around me. The kids are getting older now, and they are more than capable of doing extra chores. I don’t ask a lot from them, but if I need a hand with a few things, I expect them to help.

These changes aren’t anything mind blowing, and most of you may be thinking, really? you weren’t already doing these things? But sometimes simple changes seem so difficult to implement.

I hope something I have done inspires you to make a small change in your life to help ease the load and stress of running a household.

What changes have you made, or hope to make that have made your life easier? Do you meal plan or have a scheduled shopping day?

3 thoughts on “Little changes to make a big difference

  1. Some one told me the other day to hang yr washing by family member – si hang everything for 1 particular person all together. That way, as you take the clothes off the line, you can fold it intothebasket, and it’s already sorted by person! Has been a game-changer for my family of 6!

  2. Great ideas and I am definitely very pro menu planning. Th washing gets me every time… I get on top of it and then bam mountains appear again. The actual washing part is cool – its the folding and putting away that I despise 😉 xx

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