Beef kofta and tzitziki recipe

I’m sitting here watching Please Marry My Boy. It’s hilarious! So if I wander off on a tangent, sorry, I love trashy tv! After a long day with Miss E home sick, a visit to the doctor (waiting for aaaages), eating a terrible lunch of corn chips and coffee left me feeling a bit flat and unenergenic (jeez, no wonder!!)  I decided I needed a quick, easy crowd pleaser from ingredients that I had on hand. Enter stage left, Beef Kofta, served with tzitzki, rocket salad and pita bread.

Beef kofta

Beef mince is great. It’s cheap and versatile. Each week I will try to post a new mince recipe (beef, chicken, pork or lamb). Last week was San Choy Bow, and second in line is this recipe. Having a food processor is handy for this recipe but not essential. If you decide to serve this with rice or sweet potato mash, this could easily be gluten free as the only gluten in this meal is from the pita bread.

Makes 24 skewers


1kg mince

4 medium carrots

1 small-medium sweet potato

good handful of parsley

small handful of mint

4-5 cloves of garlic

2 eggs

Salt and pepper

beef kofta ingredients

Carrots, sweet potato, parsley, mint and garlic here, ready to go into the processor.


Grate the carrots and sweet potato in the food processor.

Change blades to chopping blade. Add parsley, mint, garlic, eggs, seasoning and mince in with potato and carrots.  Process the mixture until combined evenly.

Form the mixture into sausage shapes around skewers.

I barbequed mine on the flat grill plate, but have also baked these in the past. You could also cook these on a griddle plate on the stove. Once cooked, add a squeeze of lemon and some chopped fresh parsley.

I served mine with pita bread (because I ran out of time to cook anything else!), a rocket salad and tzitziki.

Tzitzki recipe

Ok, this may not be the most authentic recipe, but very easy!

2 cloves garlic

1 Lebanese cucumber

300ml Greek yoghurt

Really, you can use whatever quantities you want, just alter the amounts of yoghurt, cucumber and garlic to suit your tastes. Remember that the intensity of the garlic increases over time.

Crush garlic, mix into yoghurt.

Grate the cucumber, squeeze out the excess juice and add to the yoghurt mixture. Stir to combine, If your yoghurt is very creamy, add a little squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt if you like.

For this recipe you could also add some fresh mint to the tzitziki and reduce the garlic amount. I didn’t have enough fresh mint to do this.

beef kofta1

Although I served mine with pita bread, you could easily serve it with cous cous or rice too. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Beef kofta and tzitziki recipe

  1. How freaking funny was that show! I am hooked after the first episode, but then i am a total reality tv trashy show addict lol. I hope your little girl is feeling better very soon. One of mine stayed home sick from school yesterday, but was feeling much better by 9.15 am. Funny that! x

    • Thanks Sonia, yes, she is feeling better, in time for her school production. But now, I have my other 3 kiddies sick. Ahhhh, joy of joys! Is it bad that I actually don’t mind having them home for the sole reason that I can stay in my pj’s until lunchtime and not do the school run?? Marianne 🙂

  2. your tzatziki seems pretty authentic (coming from a half Greek that is). May I give you a tip to make the creamiest tzatziki of all? Grate the cucumber, place it in a colander, add some salt and let it rest for 1/2 an hour. Then, squeeze the hell out of it and mix with the garlic and yogurt. A splash of olive oil makes it even tastier. xxx

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