What’s cooking Thursday? Tuna balls and black rice

So I’m cheating a little bit, because I really cooked this last night. I saved the chicken leftovers for tonight because I have a busy day ahead of me, and basketball for Master B, so leftovers made more sense for tonight’s dinner. But last night’s dinner was a really simple, nutritious dinner and the kids liked it. Three boxes ticked! Simple, nutritious, and kid approved 🙂 Oh, and a little bonus – it was a cheap meal!

tuna veg black rice

I feel like we are living on a diet of sweet potato and brown rice lately, so tonight I was going to cook cous cous – I know, it isn’t gluten free, but my care factor was starting to climb out a window.  I was at the supermarket looking for the cous cous when I spotted the black rice. I’ve never cooked it before but have read that it is very high in lots of nutrients, so thought I’d give it a go. I had loads of carrots and broccoli, so thought I’d simply steam these, and then I raided the fridge and cupboards for the final contributing element to my meal. Tinned tuna.

For the black rice, I just followed the packet instructions, be warned, it takes about as long as brown rice takes to cook. Simply bring 1 cup of rinsed rice to the boil in 1,3/4 cup water and simmer for 35 minutes. Then switch it off and let it sit for 5 minutes. It has a stronger flavor than brown rice too, and I think it would be lovely through a roast veg salad.

For the tuna balls, using my food processor, I finely chopped a handful of silverbeet, 1/2 med onion and a smallish zucchini.  I also threw in a handful of sesame seeds.  Ok, I’ll be honest with you, these weren’t my finest moment on their own. I think with the addition of some fresh herbs and crumbled feta (and maybe some cooked potato?), they would have been fantastic. I used two big tins of drained tuna which I mixed into the chopped silverbeet ,zucchini and onion, and formed the mixture into balls. I generally don’t fry things, instead I baked these on a lined baking tray for about 20 minutes or until lightly browned.

I was given a beautiful bottle of Australian EVOO that I drizzled lightly over the steamed veggies with a sprinkle of salt.

On the plate, I mixed the rice, steamed veggies and tuna balls and added a spoon of horseradish (my nose felt like it was on fire – the type of fire you can only get from horseradish!) and it was delicious! I know I probably haven’t sold this particularly well, but rest assured, hubby (who is my harshest critic) absolutely loved it, without the horseradish, instead with a little bit of real mayonnaise. The kids ate it, some with Greek yoghurt, some with tomato sauce (ketchup, for my USA followers. I know, it’s bad, my kids go through stupid amounts of tomato sauce! It’s on my to do list – make it from scratch!)

Sometimes a simple dinner like this, is the best thing mid week 🙂 What’s cooking in your kitchen tonight?

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