Ah-maze-ing baked chicken!

baked chicken

Yes, I said it, Ah-maze-ing! This chicken is coated in veggies, and was sticky and tasty and delicious! Here’s how I did it…

What vegetables are in your fridge? Remember quantities are approximate, and you can just change it around to suit what you have on hand

10cm leek stalk

1/4 large onion

3-4 cloves garlic

1 stalk of celery

Put these in the food processor and get it chopped finely (but not mushed!)

I used a large deep scanpan tray, as they go stove top to oven, you could use anything like this. Heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in the dish and put these aromatics in, and sauté for a couple of minutes.

saute onion Onion, leek, garlic and celery sautéing to release their beautiful aroma

In the meantime, put the following ingredients into the food processor to chop up:

4 med carrots (cut into chunks for easy processing)

1 med-large zucchini

large handful of green beans 

2 large flat mushrooms (or equivalent in small mushrooms) 

Add these to the dish and sauté together with the onions etc for another few minutes.

saute veg Lots more veggies added to the pan – other times I’ve added silverbeet/spinach, fresh herbs, pumpkin – the options depend on what’s on hand

Push the vegetables to the side, and add your seasoned (with salt and pepper) chicken pieces. I used a mix of small maryland pieces and chicken chops. Maryland chicken is a fantastic, under utilized cut of chicken. It has plenty of flavor and the meat is moist. Once the chicken has browned slightly (confession I am always too impatient to do this properly, but it is better to brown it), add 1/4-1/2 bottle of dry white wine (if you prefer to not use this, add instead chicken or vegetable stock, or even water with extra salt, remember that you will get lots of flavor from the chicken and veggies) . Push the veggies and chicken around into the liquid, cover with a lid or foil (I use a cookie baking tray as a lid – it fits perfectly) and pop in a moderate oven for around an hour or so. You almost need to over cook it slightly so the veg and chicken caramelize and you get this gorgeous stickiness to the chicken, and the veggies have soaked up the flavor of the chicken and wine.  Keep an eye on it though, as your pieces may cook quicker, depending on the cut you have chosen. This works best with a fattier cut – like the marylands.

chicken and veg cooking Ready to pop in the oven!

My kids were scooping up the veggies that were so tasty and delicious and eating it. I served this with some leftover brown rice and a big garden salad and greek yoghurt.  Nom nom nom, and there’s plenty of leftovers, so tomorrow night’s dinner is taken care of! 😉

 baked chicken2

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