My resume should read incompetant PA

There are parts of being a sahm that I do well. Actually apart from food, I can’t think of the others right now, but I’m sure there is something else… Anyway, there are other parts that I do badly, like cleaning (well tidying at least), washing (and the process surrounding it), remembering stuff (like due dates and appointments) and paperwork storage.

  {image source}

I had a concertina file at one point, and everything had it’s place. It got big and bulky, and full. I never replaced it. I now have a shoe box. I’m not really sure where any of my important documents are. I always assumed that I’d have a filing cabinet with lovely, organised files, that had been labeled lovingly.  When our power flickers my first thought is, ‘have I missed a bill?’ even though, I haven’t yet, I still fear that I will misplace a bill, leave it unpaid and be stuck without a utility.

When you go for a job, you are asked what qualifications you have for the job, before you are given the job. references are checked and possibly even some tests are run. When you become a mother, to raise humans and run  a household, manage budgets, logistics and supplies, no one asks what qualifications you have, no one asks if you can manage these responsibilities. And yet here I am, four children, a household budget to manage, and a filing system, that no one gave me instructions for.

I would like to have a filing cabinet that looked like this! {image source}

If I had to write a resume, I would have to put on it, ‘incompetent PA’ to 4 little humans and 1 man-human, maybe my years of service will count for something… 😉



4 thoughts on “My resume should read incompetant PA

  1. Actually I beg to differ, you are managing director 4 little humans with 1 man-human as your PA. 🙂 Reason you are a MD is bc your ‘company’ wouldn’t be able to survive without you 🙂

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