I got me a new phone

I’ve been quiet on the blog lately, because it’s been school holidays, and I’ve basically not had much time to sit in the quiet, and just string a few coherent thoughts together. I have started a number of posts, and saved them for another time, as I can’t seem to finish them. That’s ok, one day I’ll get back to them…

I like the quiet. I love the chaos of my family, but I love the quiet that settles over the house when the kids are all tucked up in bed. Being winter, it’s dark early and cold at night, so we get into bed early and watch some tv, (exciting life we have…), but here’s the clincher – we watch tv with the sound either muted or very low, with subtitles on. I always get a shock when we go to someone’s house and they have the surround sound on, I feel like the tv is yelling at me, and I need to ask them to turn it down  – way down. I’ve said it before, I’m pretty sure I am really an 80 year old in a 34 year olds body!

What was the point of my post? Oh yes, a couple of months ago, my lovely daughter (said through gritted teeth), Miss E, dropped my iphone, and broke the screen. I couldn’t decide if it was worth fixing it ($100 to fix the screen!), so I’ve just held on to it, until I chose a new phone. Hubby has been trialing the new Nokia smart phones for his work and quite liked it, so I decided to get the same one (I will add here that this post is in no way sponsored). Yesterday hubby went off to buy one for me while I got some other things done. I am technologically disinterested, so just told him to grab which ever model he thought was best.

Today we had a family function, so I whipped out my snazzy new phone to take photos (does anyone use cameras anymore?) only to find that the camera does not flip around to take selfies. Why would they make a camera that does not flip around??? Is it just me who finds this odd?

I know, I’m dealing with the big issues here…

The Last Ssamurai is on tv tonight, so I am going to go watch the end of it, subtitles on, and sip my English Tea Shop tea (also not sponsored – although I will happily except offers of sponsorship to drink tea 😉 )


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