What’s cooking Thursday? Chicken soup, apple and peach crumble

It’s day 4 of school holidays, and my back is just starting to come good now. I had promised my kids that I’d take them to see a couple of the new movies that have come out, so today we went off to see Despicable Me 2. It was a great movie, all three of my kids (aged 6, 9, 10) enjoyed it, and Miss O managed to stay most of the time in her seat 🙂

despicable me


In Melbourne today, they are predicting gale force winds, and although the temperature isn’t crazy cold, that wind blows right through you (if that makes any sense…), so tonight soup is on the menu. I will be baby sitting my niece and nephew tonight also, so I want something easy to feed everyone that is nutritious and easy to cook.

Chicken Soup is good for the soul.

I first had this soup a few years ago when, as a family, we went out, and I wasn’t prepared. Miss E was a baby, and at that time, had a dairy intolerance. We were in Carlton, at a little family friendly restaurant, and I thought I would order her a chicken and vegetable soup. It is a tomato based soup, so I’ll take some out for hubby before I add the tomato paste. This is a really hearty, warm soup.

Firstly, make your chicken stock. I use chicken frames, cheaply bought from my local butcher. These give the best stock! Boil these for as long as you can to get the best flavor. Keep an eye on the water levels and top it up if you need to. If you have a big enough pot, add in extra frames, and make extra stock to put in the freezer for another meal. It makes the process much quicker!

Secondly, prepare your vegetables. Chop up garlic, onion, carrots, zucchini, celery, plus whatever other veg you have in the fridge. I have some sweet potato and silverbeet that I’ll be adding also. I think as long as you have the garlic, onion and celery, you could add any other veggies. Swede and parsnip go nicely in this soup too.

In a little bit of oil, fry up the onion and garlic, until fragrant. Add the other vegetables and sauté for a couple of minutes. Add some brown rice. Depending on how big of a pot you are doing, depends on how much. Using quite a large pot (8L?) I use about 1.5 cups. Mix together with the veggies.

At this point, start adding in the chicken stock, stirring as you add it. You can leave out the tomato paste if you want, but if you are adding it, do so now. Add your salt and pepper now too.

That’s pretty much it. Wait for the rice to cook, around 40 minutes. Stirring occasionally.

I’ve also made a peach and apple crumble tonight.

I am in desperate need to go shopping, so I’m using up whatever I have on hand to throw this together. I had a couple of home made canned peaches. But using a no added sugar tin of peaches would be fine too. I grated in 4 peeled apples and mixed it together in a pyrex rectangular dish.

In a food processor, I added

1.5 cups almond meal,

I only had about 1/2 cup of oats (so technically not gluten free, but you could use gluten free oats, or just leave it out),

3 dates,

2 tbs soft honey,



100g butter

This made a thick paste in the bowl so I added 1 cup coconut to make it more crumbly. It was not breadcrumb-like, so I just globbed it on top of the fruit, as evenly as possible.

Bake in moderate oven (180’C) until the crumble is golden and cooked.

Serve with double cream. (Jeez, not sure why I can’t lose weight…)

apple peach crumble GF

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