Are our phones harming our kids?

I wasn’t going to blog today, as I was on a mission to clean my house. But over lunch today (while my child slept- so she wasn’t in danger while I read this on my phone) I read an article about the problems caused by too much phone use here,  and I’ve got to say it really pissed me off.

Firstly, when I had my son 11 years ago, I was on the home phone all the time. It was a shock being at home without adult company, so I called people. Sisters, friends, you get the idea. I’ve always been a big phone person, whether it’s home or mobile phones. I use them all the time. My kids all talked exceptionally early, in full sentences.
I understand, if you are talking or texting ALL THE TIME it can certainly be bad for the child, but how is that even possible?! This is just another silly thing to make mother’s feel MORE guilty about their parenting skills than they already are. I don’t neglect my children, and realistically, people can neglect their children WITHOUT the use of a phone.
There were a lot of comments about this article on another page, saying that people can’t self regulate their phone usage. That annoyed me too. Maybe it’s because we are so flipping isolated in our homes? Maybe we crave company and conversations with other adults?

housewife on the phone

I would be happy if someone put us back in a village, surrounded by grandmothers and aunties and sisters and cousins, who do tasks together while chatting, while the kids interact with each other. What, is that a problem? Yes, because many women have to work these days (as in, paid work), we have to manage finances, we have to keep a clean house, we have to spend quality time with our children, teach them all about the ups and downs of life, make sure they are balanced emotionally and nutritionally and never harmed…far out! No wonder depression and anxiety are so prevalent in our society! Those of us who are full time carers (and those who are not) are meant to do all this, without talking to anyone while we work.

You know what, I think I may go make a phone call, while my daughter plays around me, at the same time as doing laundry. Because it’s OK TO NEED COMPANY, it’s OK TO NEED TO TALK TO PEOPLE, this is natural. You know, as I have been researching and moving towards a more paleo (caveman) type of diet (not weightloss, just food choices), it has occurred to me that families did not sit in their caves on their own. They shared their lives with families around them. Moving forward in time, as I mentioned above, villagers were the same. It’s only now, in this silly society, that we put these pressures on ourselves to do everything perfectly and ALONE.

Rant over.

5 thoughts on “Are our phones harming our kids?

  1. “It takes a village to raise a child” but I have to say I’m pretty alone in the parenting stakes. I don’t get an awful lot of help from family, more this year now mum has retired, and most of my friends work. I’m alone with the kids most of the time and I do use social media for company- it’s this modern world I’m afraid!

  2. And I should say its completely exhausting being a SAHM for 11 – 12 hours a day! I’m waiting for hubby to get home, kids are in front of tv after a hectic, fun filled day, and I’m taking a break reading some blogs!

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