What’s cooking Thursday?

Yes, it’s already Thursday again, can you believe it?? The weeks are flying past, too fast for me, and before you know it, it will be Christmas! Yes, I really did just say that. Gah, wish I could just press pause on life for a few minutes to catch my breath… < >Tonight, I’m going fairly simple, and making extra, as always to have on hand for the weekend. I’m making meatballs, served with greek yoghurt (if I have time I’ll turn it into tzitziki), salad and pita bread.

I went to my local (normally very good) health food shop to stock up on my favourite tea, which they didn’t have in stock. I should have cut my losses and left then. But I noticed they had a big range of gluten free wraps. So I thought it would be nice to grab a pack, as I often fall back on pita bread as a quick, no cook option, for the carb component to a meal. The kids love it, hubby loves it, and I like the simplicity of it. Every pack I picked up- even though it had ORGANIC sprawled across the packaging- was either full of canola oil (which is GMO, but also we have cut out vegetable oils), or they had majority soy flour, and because hubby’s sister and mother have an allergy to soy, we avoid it too (also it’s a legume so not really part of the whole paleo thing). A lot had additives added too. It was a very frustrating process to go through. I’ve decided in the end that I’ll try making some with buckwheat, which, although they are a grain, they are gluten free, and keeping the recipe simple, with buckwheat flour, EVOO, water and salt, it has to be healthier than some of the rubbish they were trying to sell at $8/pack. I mean,

buckwheat pita The buckwheat pitas turned out ok actually! They aren’t easily bendable, but good to break off pieces to dip into things. Hopefully hubby likes them!

As always, my recipes are throw in this and throw in that, so here is a list of ingredients that I’ll be using, What I put in depends on what I have on hand.


Minced beef around 1kg

2 eggs

grated/finely chopped vegetables- zucchini, mushrooms, onion, garlic, silverbeet, sweet potato

mint- if I have fresh, I’ll use that, otherwise a generous sprinkle of dry mint

S + P to taste

I’ll probably add some chia seeds too 😉

mix all the ingredients together, roll them into balls or small sausage shapes (easier for toddlers to hold)

meatballs Kids are gobbling these up as I type 🙂 I didn’t add mushrooms (I had run out) and I forgot to add chia seeds :/

Then pop them in a lined roasting dish or baking tray, sprinkle with a little bit of EVOO and bake until browned and cooked through.

If I have time, the tzitziki that I make is a cheats version. I grate a whole (small) cucumber, squeeze out the juice, put it with a couple of crushed cloves of garlic in with the greek yoghurt and mix. Let it sit for a bit for the taste to develop, it is always stronger the next day. You could add lemon juice and salt if your yoghurt is very creamy, but I buy one that has a bit of sourness to it.

There it is, simple, easy, kid friendly, gluten free friendly and healthy dinner. I’ll put up photos once I’ve actually cooked it 😉

dinner Dinner is served, Meatballs, green leafy salad with balsamic vinaigrette, cut up red and yellow capsicum (separate because hubby can’t eat night shade veggies) and cut up fennel. There are some homemade pickles, the pita bread on the big white plate (buckwheat and wheat) kids liked the buckwheat ones too which is good. My sister dropped in today to give me a hand moving a drum kit (long story) and made some white rice as part of her families dinner, so I pinched a bowl for the kids as they are getting sick of brown rice 🙂 The yoghurt didn’t make it into the photo…

W hat’s cooking at your place?

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