School lunch ideas Monday


We are on our last week of school lunches before kids are on school holidays, so here’s a few ideas to get you through the week!

This is what they have had over the last week:
Monday: Salad, cheese and chicken wraps
Tuesday: Salad and cheese spelt bread sandwiches
Wednesday: Vegetable sticks with pita bread cut up
Thursday: I made a lovely chicken stock using chicken bones and in the morning I heated it up, put in some instant-type noodles, but better quality ones, and then put the ‘chicken noodle soup’ into a thermos flask
Friday: I toasted cheese sandwiches in the morning and they ate them cold at lunchtime. My kids wouldn’t eat a normal (untoasted) cheese sandwich, but would eat this – go figure!
These are accompanied by the 2 pieces of fruit and a baked something.

Today, the kids don’t have school, but I do have a couple of extra kids here for play dates, so I’m baking up some savoury and sweet muffins for lunch and morning/afternoon tea, and I’ll also use these in lunches tomorrow. Also, I’m thinking that I’ll pop a big bowl of organic popcorn to have on hand this week for snacks. For the muffins, I found this recipe here that I will be using as my base. Here is how I’ll be changing it and what I’ll be adding. I haven’t made them yet, so photos will be added later today.

Savoury Muffins
3 cups self raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
150g melted butter
350ml milk
2 egg
Approx 400g vegetables chopped – I will be adding, a small bit of onion, zucchini and bacon
Some grated cheese (optional)

Sautee onion and bacon in a little knob of butter until cooked, but not brown
Combine dry ingredients
Mix in wet ingredients
Fold in onion, bacon mix and finely grated raw zucchini
Fill muffin tins 3/4. Top with a bit of grated cheese. Bake 180’C for 20-25 mins or until cooked through. Makes 24

savoury muffins Fresh out of the oven, savoury muffins with zucchini, bacon and a little bit of onion. My batch made 17 large muffins

Sweet Muffins
3 cups self raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
150g melted butter
350ml milk
2 egg
Approx 200g fresh fruit
100g soft brown sugar

Note: The original recipe uses double the amount of sugar, but I will be adding some stewed apple which is already quite sweet and some chopped fresh apple, so I think it will be sweet enough, plus I will add cinnamon

Combine dry ingredients
Mix in wet ingredients
Fold in fruit
Fill muffin tins 3/4. Bake 20-25’C or until cooked through. Makes 24

apple cinnamon muffins Sweet apple cinnamon muffins. I made these in mini muffin trays, and got 36 mini muffins
Happy Monday everyone! Photos will be added as soon as the muffins are baked 🙂

5 thoughts on “School lunch ideas Monday

  1. You put me to shame with that list of lunches! Mine have the same old thing every day but I have started feeling guilty about it so thanks for the ideas. Do yours always eat what they’re given or has it been a bit of trial and error? Mine are still very hit and miss with the baking so I’m wary about doing anything too out of the box!

    • Gemma, it is totally hit and miss for me too. In fact, I’ll be completely honest and say that the kids didn’t even really love these muffins! Miss O did, she ate a few, and I had extra kids here today, and they all liked them and ate them. But being the mean mum that I am, I told them that they were getting them in their lunchbox anyway! My kids would prefer to eat a salad wrap than baked stuff. It’s weird.
      I find the best way to trial it is to make it on a weekend, or for after school snacks and see if they like them. Another good tip is asking the kids what they would like in their lunch boxes, do their friends have things that look yummy? It’s great to get ideas that way 🙂 Although I asked Miss E the other day and she said her friend always has fairy bread lol

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