Friday night, no pizza?

So, it’s Friday today. The school week is at an end (notice I didn’t say working week – the weekends are more work than a weekday!). Tonight is relax in front of the tv night, so that is always fun. The kids have already agreed upon a movie that they all want to watch. Even better. No arguing later about which movie they will choose. Master B often pulls out the ‘I’m the only boy boo hoo’ card when it comes to movies. Being the oldest also, means he wants to watch things that aren’t always appropriate for his younger sisters. But family movie night’s are just that, something appropriate for the whole family.

We are struggling a bit with our food journey. Hubby is struggling with the lack of (good) bread. I am too. I love bread. Really love it. We’ve tried gluten free bread but it’s still quite refined and it isn’t awesome. To top it off, his psoriasis doesn’t seem to be clearing up. Not sure if we should jump in and go the full auto immune protocol for the next 30 days or not… Anyone out there have experience with Guttate psoriasis and the autoimmune protocol? There is so much conflicting information out there, it’s easy to get confused.  I’m trying my best to support hubby, but as someone who loves food, all food (except anchovies and sardines ewwww) I am struggling with the few restrictions we have in place. The good news is, that because I am trying to make sure I have something treat-like in the house (hubby has a sweet tooth) I’m finding the kids are eating these ‘treats’ also. It’s fantastic, as they are often quite nutrient dense and don’t leave the kids on a sugar high.

pizza yummmmmm! [photo source: Wikipedia]

Tonight would have been in the past, a pizza night (homemade or bought). But tonight, I’m not sure what to do to replace it. I thought of slicing up some salami and capsicum, two important pizza toppings amongst other things for a graze plate, but of course most salamis are highly processed and contain gluten and nitrates. Capsicum is a night shade vegetable, so that is out. I am feeling very discouraged today. What do people eat on the protocol that gives a feeling of indulgence or junk food? I know this isn’t to be eaten all the time, but some nights, you just want pizza. Right? Any help in this area would be really appreciated.

On a lighter note, I have a confession to make.  I’m tired this week, because not only have I been woken continuously by a toddler, but because I sit up until late watching the home shopping network, while drinking my English Tea Shop ‘calming blend’ tea. I’m fascinated by it (the shopping network that is). There are robot vacuum cleaners, that can maneuver around furniture and toys, I can relax and let my Roomba do the work! There are fry pans that if you sauté rocks on a regular basis, will not scratch and apparently they also make ah-maze-ing eggs. The presenter didn’t even want to taste the egg cooked in the other pan. Oh and normal pans have chemicals that can kill us (I’m actually not doubting this) but it’s pretty funny when they are saying this at the same time as showing us a headstone that says RIP Polly.  Oh and then there’s the soup making machine with  a soup diet that goes with it. Amazing, if I eat soup for 7 days straight, I’ll lose weight. Fascinating. People will give testimonials for funny looking exercise equipment, jewelry will be sold in package deals that are hard to pass up – even if I wouldn’t normally wear a jeweled choker with stones the shape o f cats on them. One thing that does bother me is why they are always yelling. Why do they need to yell at me to tell me about the product? I have  a volume control, if I can’t hear you I can turn you up. I know I could also turn the volume down, but that’s just annoying…


What are you all doing on your Friday night? What is your go to meal for something quick and easy (no one wants complicated on Friday night)? Please tell me I’m not the only one who watches the shopping network?!

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