School lunch ideas

I have been a school mum for 6 years, and something I have always struggled with is school lunches. Something nutritious, something that will not leave them STARVING at 3.30 pick up and something kid approved. Doesn’t seem that hard does it? But, every night I stand in my kitchen staring into the pantry and fridge wondering what I can put in their lunch boxes (I make lunches at night because I am never up early enough to do them in the morning).

For this reason, I’ve decided to make the Sunday night/ Monday’s blog posts all about school lunches. What I’ve put in that has worked, and what I’ve put in that hasn’t. Generally, there is the main lunch item, two pieces of fruit or vegetable and a baked item. I really try to make all the baked products, which sounds a bit domestic goddess-like, but really, you just need a couple quick and easy recipes that you can whip up during the week, portion up and freeze.  At least this way, I know that even if they are having wheat (or a wheat replacement) and sugar, they are also having eggs, butter, organic milk, plus I usually add chia seeds or flax seeds etc. It’s ok for the kids to have a bit of sugar, because they are running around, they burn it off, but I still usually reduce the sugar in recipes by at least a quarter, and I’ve never had the kids complain (who all love their sweets). If I’m added icing, I’ll reduce it even more.

Tonight, this is what I made for their lunches for tomorrow.

school lunch idea

There is a pita bread wrap, which has in it: a scrape of real mayonnaise, lettuce, carrot (red and orange), chicken and tasty cheese. I actually heat my pita breads in a pan with a bit of oil spray and a sprinkle of sea salt. My kids love it, and it make the pita bread not so dry.

I also have the two pieces of fruit, and a ginger cake that I had made last week and had frozen in pieces. Because the chicken and salad wrap is fairly substantial, I didn’t bother with anything else. If I’ve given a lighter lunch I would have maybe added some cracker or some vegetable sticks.

I can’t remember which recipe I used for the cake, but often I start with a butter cake base and add whatever spices I want or cocoa, or fruit (or vegetables pureed – they’ll never know!).

What do you put in your kid’s lunchboxes? What do they love? What do they hate?

2 thoughts on “School lunch ideas

  1. That pita wrap looks great! I could use one now actually 😉
    I usually give my son to school a portion of the meal we ve had the previous night, some cherry tomatoes and some fruit

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