Keeping it real today

Today is when I normally do a what’s cooking Thursday post, on Thursday’s obviously. Today, I just couldn’t think about what to cook that would be good to eat on Saturday. I just really could not be bothered.

Over the last few weeks, everything has felt like hard work. The housework has been on a to do list for a while, and the laundry was out of control. Yesterday I got my mojo on and managed to get the house clean, some laundry done (but not put away – I hate laundry and never seem to achieve the whole sort, wash, dry, fold AND put away process). So today, I just want to sit on my butt and do nothing. *Gasp*, yes I really did just say that as a SAHM I really want to sit on my butt.

Today I’m just going to post about some things going on around my house, so that I don’t sit here talking to myself. Which really does happen. Thankfully once you have kids, it just looks like you are talking to them, rather than yourself. So that’s a definite positive to child rearing.

Last night I made one of those boxes that are posted (or rather, pinned) on pintrest, that says basically I’ve picked your crap up off the floor, if you want to get it back, you have to do a chore. After cleaning yesterday, I looked around my house to see my son’s ipod, my daughter’s ‘handbag’, my other daughter’s toy, you get the idea. So I said to them, you get 2 minutes to get your crap before it goes in the box. Next time there is no chances. I play the hard arse sometimes. Actually, quite often.

pick up box

Do you ever see yourself in your children? I do, all the time. The fact that sometimes I need to cut my kids off mid sentence, because they literally do not stop talking. I was exactly the same at that age (actually, I still am…). My daughters especially act all tough, but deep down they are big softies. Exactly like me. My son has no musical talent. Exactly like me. I did one year of violin lessons, I still remember squeaking out baa baa black sheep at the end of year concert. Yes, I sucked big time. So I tried piano for two years. Until my teacher wrote in my report that I would be more suited to a wind instrument. What does that even mean?!

Last night, Master B had math homework that I had to look up what it was, before I could help him. Then when I thought I had figured it out, and showed him, he got every answer wrong. I’ve always prided myself on being the science and math parent, while hubby is the creative one who can draw, and think up exciting stories. The silly thing about his homework was that because it is online, the only feedback he gets is a red X, no explanation as to how to work it out. I hate the way technology has started to take over many aspects of education, and I don’t like being wrong.

Talking about homework, when I was younger, my homework didn’t involve my parents. What is with homework these days? It has become a family event! Miss C has, as part of her homework, “help mum or dad cook a meal, like a real masterchef”. If I want my daughters help in the kitchen, I ask her, regardless of homework. “Go for a bike ride or bush walk with your family” you know what? You stick to teaching my kids math, science and English, not how we should be spending time together as a family! *Grizzle, grizzle*

Now that I have whinged and whined, some things I am grateful for today… I love the fact that when I take my kids to school, my son still lets me kiss him good bye. I love that Miss C has started doing her own hair for school and is so proud of how it looks each morning. I love that Miss E always loves singing in her high pitched vibrato voice. I love that whenever I dress Miss O or do her hair, the first thing she does is find her biggest sister to show her how pretty she looks. I love that the older kids adore their youngest sister.  I love that even though hubby wants to eat wheat and sugar, he is trying new things and not looking too depressed about the whole food situation.

What do you love about life right now?


6 thoughts on “Keeping it real today

  1. Good question. What i love about today is that the kids woke up healthy and happy. I am excited that my hubby is coming back tomorrow from his holiday. I am super excited because that means I will be so much closer, to having my OWN holiday. Best of all, as I write this I love that 4 of the kids are at school, the 5th is sleeping…and I am having a coffee. Yeah!

  2. I love SUMMER: swimming in the sea, the potential of an open air cinema (haven’t gone yet, need to ASAP), the getting dark late kinda thing, the need to wear less clothes, everything about summer actually (minus the mosquitoes – I hate them).
    Yes, homework is totally a parent thing nowadays…I remember I used to do my homework alone, my mom didn’t really care of how well I was prepared. I loved that. I was mediocre though, a bit lazy, but I in the end I turned out fine 😉

  3. Hi Marianne! Yay I’ve just discovered your blog! (where have I been??) I miss quite a bit now not being on fb. This is great! I’ve just been reading your posts 🙂 and I love what you write and how you write! Can relate to everything. Thank you Love it!

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