You can call me Mama Cranky Pants

Today I am very tired. I was all excited last night about using my brain for things other than meal planning and household budgeting. If you read yesterday’s post you will know that as a family we will be moving to a more paleo diet, due to hubby’s psoriasis. So I was researching what we could (but came up with lots of couldn’t) eat until well past midnight. Big mistake number 1, especially when Miss O started crying not long after I fell asleep.


So, at around 2am I hear crying, and calls of Mama bed! I didn’t even fight it, I just put her straight into bed with hubby and I. Mistake number 2. This led to me spending the remainder of the night with my head wedged between the bedside table and my mattress, while Miss O lay sprawled across my lovely fluffy pillow. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Speaking of paleo… In my research, a standard paleo diet does not cut it when dealing with the healing of the gut and auto immune disorders. Where you can normally enjoy a diet with fruit and vegetables, grass fed meats, nuts and seeds, eggs and small amounts of dairy (although some argue that it should not be included at all), for us, we would (or at least hubby would) need to cut out nuts and seeds, eggs and dairy, coffee, some vegetables (nightshades; peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant) and fruits high in sugar. Ok, so that leaves meat and vegetables. At least until the gut heals (auto immune disorders are often caused by a ‘leaky gut’) when we can start incorporating these foods slowly into the diet again. Fine, but what on earth do you eat for breakfast?

If you google grain free, dairy free, egg free, nut free breakfast, you are left with soups and smoothies. Great if I had no teeth.

So today, you can call me Mama Cranky Pants, although my guess is, that things will get a lot worse as I detox due to my lack of solids. I’m putting it out there though, that paleo or no paleo, aint nobody gonna take my morning coffee from me.

Not if they want to live, that is.

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