Our food really does determine our health

As some of you may know, I have been trying to reduce my family’s wheat and refined sugar intake. I try as much as possible to cook from scratch with little processed food in our diets.

< >  The more I read, the more intrigued I am in the way our bodies were designed. It’s a crazy thing to get your head around when you really think about it. I remember studying biochemistry and being fascinated by the amount of activity that happened in each and every cell. I suppose that’s why I cringe when my kids walk out of school holding an open box of ‘nerds’ confectionary (like the other day), ‘coloured sugar and chemicals’ was all I could say!! Thankfully I managed to convince my daughter to hand them over after she’d only consumed one third of the box. Then she said, ‘I know you are going to make me drink lots of water!’ I like that they can hear my voice before I have spoken 😉

My husband has been suffering recently with some sort of skin condition, a bit like eczema but different. It has reached the point where he was feeling extraordinarily frustrated, and after another doctors appointment, where he was told that it was psoriasis (which is an auto immune disease) and can sometimes manifest as arthritis, if not brought under control.

Strangely enough, today I have been catching up with a friend who started her paleo journey recently, due to auto immune health issues she has been dealing with, and has seen significant results. So off I go to google…

We are so fortunate to have amazing people take time to make websites and give information, which we can access 24/7. A fantastic site (that I actually discovered last night, and then also was told about from my friend) is the paelo mom (http://www.thepaleomom.com) She is obviously a mother, but also a scientist, so it’s really great to get such in depth information. Also, the paleo diet http://thepaleodiet.com/ is another great site.
Although it seems completely overwhelming to make such significant changes to our diet, it’s also something I feel like I have been gearing up towards for a very long time. I will be blabbering all about this journey over the coming weeks, and I’m sure you will all get sick of me crying over no bread or something like that. But hopefully I will all also be able to tell you about the positive side effects that we are experiencing as a family.


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