Cookies, buttery bolognese and decluttering, all in a day’s work

I had one of those nights last night, where the kids all did what they were asked to do, no one fought, and homework time was calm. You know those moments when you wish someone would pop in and see how well behaved your children are?! < >  My homework planner is certainly making a difference for us, feel free to download it here:

Some things happened in my house today that I wanted to share. I ran out of olive oil – tragedy, as I use olive oil in majority of my cooking. I had planned on making vegeful Bolognese tonight for dinner, and my options to get the sauce started were to cook in (organic) butter or  sunflower oil. I have recently been reading up on the toxic effect vegetable oil has on our body. I am no expert, so will not share my theories, but if you are interested, once again, google will help answer your questions. I don’t get completely stressed over these changes I’m making to my family’s diet, if it turns out they eat vegetable oils, well, it’s ok. I just try to make sure that the majority of the time they don’t eat it.

Anyhoo, so I’m standing in my kitchen, butter in one hand, oil in the other. After phoning a friend, I chose A. Butter, thanks Eddie, lock it in.

I couldn’t quite get my head around sautéing my veg and beef mince in butter, then adding tomato paste and wine, but I did it, and I’ve got to say that I have the most amazing Bolognese cooking right now, that I am tempted to go and start eating it out of the pot. Yum yum, looking forward to dinner tonight!

Second thing that happened is I baked a batch of these cookies for Miss O and I to enjoy (the other kids weren’t overly keen on these, but I loved them and so did Miss O), recipe was found on Sugar Free Kids instagram, which I’m not sure how to link to, but here is their website, which has loads of delicious snacks and foods for the kids  A batch of these cookies can be whipped up in literally a few minutes.

1/2 cup each of: coconut, oats, dates, almonds (or sesame, I used a mix of almonds, linseeds, sesame and chia seeds)

2-3 tbs melted butter or coconut oil (vegan)

juice of an orange

Put all ingredients into the food processor and blend, then turn out onto cling wrap, roll into a log and put into the fridge until firm. Slice into cookies and bake 20mins, 170’C. Makes approx. 18.

SFK grain free cookies
UPDATE: My kids loved them this time, I made them a little bit thinner and instead of using coconut oil like I did last time, I used butter, and they all ate them, except Miss C. Win 🙂

The last thing that has happened here is that I have taken all the toys out of my bedroom. Get your mind out of the gutter people (or is that just me?). Over a month ago, I moved 4 (large) tubs of toys into my bedroom due to Miss C’s birthday party being on. This limits how many toys are scattered around the house at the end of the day. Then, after the party, I thought I’d see how long it would take for my kids to ask for their toys back. It’s been around 7 weeks now, and apart from the odd toy, they haven’t been fussed that I moved them. Problem was that I was storing them in my bedroom, which I prefer to keep clear of extra clutter (I have enough of my own mess!) so today I moved the lot out into my linen cupboard, which in turn had a clean out. I hate these domino effect clean outs, but sometimes that is the only way to get things done. I’m loving my cleared bedroom again, loving my cookies, and I’m sure I’ll be loving my dinner later tonight! FYI, because of the low wheat ‘diet’ my family is on, tonight’s Bolognese will be with rice and steamed green beans.

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