OOIAJ or Bircher Muesli or whatever you choose to call it

Juice free Bircher muesli aka overnight oats 😉

Recently hubby and I were lucky enough to go to perth CHILD FREE for two nights, for my cousin’s wedding. We had buffet breakfast at the hotel, and whilst most of it was average, they had beautiful Bircher muesli. Hubby loved it, so I thought I’d make some at home. Google Bircher muesli and hundreds of recipes pop up. Bircher muesli is made by soaking oats in juice and yoghurt. Problem is, I don’t buy juice. Occasionally, for special occasions I’ll get the premium stuff (which is expensive), so unless you are going to juice stuff yourself, there isn’t a whole lot of nutrition in it- just lots of sugar! So google to the rescue again for Bircher muesli WITHOUT juice and there it is folks – OOIAJ (overnight oats in a jar). I have made this plenty of times, just never realized it was so similar to Bircher muesli or that it had a fancy name. Be warned, my recipes are all fairly approximate, so if you are after more specific measurements, google is your friend.

Juice free Bircher muesli, a’la OOIAJ
Overnight Oats

Equal parts (1/2 cup makes about 2 snack sized serves)
ROLLED OATS (the real type- not instant),
YOGHURT (your choice of type and flavour-I’ve used Greek, natural or flavored yoghurt) and
Then add whatever you want to it, nuts, seeds, fruit – the options are endless
I add chopped apple or frozen berries, chia seeds, almond flakes, pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and cinnamon

Put all ingredients into a bowl (or jar) and mix together. Leave it to ‘set’ for at least a few hours, preferably overnight.
When I serve it, I drizzle a couple of teaspoons of maple syrup over the top (I could drink it from the bottle if it was socially acceptable), or you could put fruit (tinned or fresh), you get the idea- the choices or endless, and it all comes down to taste.
bircher1 All ingredients except the milk here.  I used grated apple, almond flakes, flax meal and cinnamon

bircher2 Milk has been added and ingredients have been mixed

bircher3 After 3 hours it is ready to eat (better overnight, but I was hungry!)
There you have it, low sugar, healthy and really filling overnight oats.

2 thoughts on “OOIAJ or Bircher Muesli or whatever you choose to call it

  1. Love it! I’m like you so never buy juice and adding milk/yoghurt works a treat. Occasionally I’ve blitzed a whole (peeled) orange in the food processor and added that to it rather than juice too….not too bad…..

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