Kids homework planner chart

Kids weekly plannerKids weekly planner

So, the day started with opening the dishwasher to find all the plastic cups had been tipped over and were full of gross dishwasher water. Nice.
Then my gorgeous son has decided recently that he wants to make coffee for me and hubby in the morning, which is so sweet, but-there is always a but- he made it too milky, not a problem for normal people. Unfortunately, I am like a crazy person if I don’t get a good coffee in the morning. Before I let him make my morning coffee, he underwent intense training (if he’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it properly!) usually he makes an excellent coffee, but today was not one of those days. It’s ok, I sipped it politely and told him it was lovely, dropped kids to school and came home to make another. Things started to improve a bit.
So now that I’m caffeinated, I thought I’d share this planning chart to help the kids prioritise their time.
My kids get weekly or fortnightly homework, they each play an instrument and have sporting activities too. I am really lucky that although they do fight often, they also really enjoy each others company and often complain about a lack of time to play together because of their schedules and homework. I sometimes tell them to ditch homework to play together- I figure it wont be long before Master B (10years) will be too cool to play with his little sisters, and as long as the important homework is done, I am a bit lax on the other stuff (you know, plan a meal and help your mum or dad cook it, type of homework). The other problem I face is that now the kids want technology time. I am quite strict about no technology during the school week. My kids do not watch tv during the week, or play computer games (Wii, DS etc) at all. They are allowed (supervised) computer time if they NEED it for homework, but usually the information is more easily found in a book, so I try to encourage borrowing reference books instead. Don’t get me wrong. Friday night, my kids walk in the door and watch movies until bedtime, but I find that whenever I have let them watch tv or play computer games, they become grumpy and irritated and end up fighting with each other AND arguing with me. No thanks. Anyhoo, as they are now getting older, I’m trying to teach them to prioritise their time, so that they schedule in their homework, sporting activities, instrument practice AND free time to play together. If they are up to date with their ‘work’ they are allowed 20 mins computer play. They have been really excited about this, and so far it has made our after school-bedtime run a lot smoother.
I’ve allowed a space to write in a chore that is expected of them for the week. This is a new thing too. I have never formalized chores in our house, it’s just something that I expect of my kids, but I realized that they wanted some sort of official recognition of their ‘work’. I’ve tried pocket money, however (thankfully) it doesn’t motivate them, but somehow, seeing their chore written down and acknowledged makes them happy, so that’s what we are doing. This way we can also change it around each week/fortnightly if they are losing interest.
Ok, I’ve rambled enough for today! Here is the chart, I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped us!
Kids weekly planner


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