How to overcome the Mummy slump

I’ve been a stay at home mum for nearly 11 years. Wow, seems like a verrrrry long time when you say it out loud! My weight has fluctuated, my financial situation has fluctuated, and my confidence has fluctuated. One of the things I’ve realized though, is that the way I dress, the way I do my hair or make up (or don’t do it!) really affects my mood.
I’ve been feeling very bleh lately. Kids have been sick, my weight has fluctuated to the wrong end of the stick, and my energy levels are low. It seems so easy throwing on the ‘work-out clothes’ and runners – at least I ‘might’ do some exercise right? It’s the thought that counts isn’t it? Errr, sadly, no. The other problem is that as mums, we often feel isolated and lonely. Especially when housebound with sick bubbas (like me this week).
One of the ways I have overcome this problem is to choose an outfit I feel wonderful in. Even if you are doing housework all day, put on something that makes you feel like a woman, not a tired mummy. I have been following the fox-in-flats style dares and found them to be a wonderful source of inspiration. When I can’t play along, often something as simple as red lippy helps lift my mood. Also looking at websites such as with their styled outfits helps me to put together outfits using items I already own.
Organise a girls night out or even a mums morning tea. You will be surprised how many other mums around you feel the same, and getting out, chatting to other grown ups really does help! If you have kids at school or kinder or day care, get to pick ups and drop offs a little bit earlier and chat to the other parents, casually ask if anyone has time for a coffee at a local café.
Go for a walk – even a short walk can help lift your mood. In winter we often hibernate indoors. Sometimes it’s hard work putting the baby/toddler in the pram and going, but trust me, you will be in a much better headspace once you’ve gone.
Wash your hair. Don’t laugh, but I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, sometimes if I run out of time I push it the extra day and those days I feel horrible. My hair looks terrible, I feel terrible. Those days, dry shampoo is your friend!!
If you are finding you are feeling bleh and down more often than not, speak to your doctor or get in touch with a local organization such as 1300 22 4636

I’m off to take some of my own advice and wash my hair!!
Blog disclaimer: Please note, I am not a medical or trained professional, this advice is my opinion only. I hope it helps. ❤


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